The Fisheries Cooperative Associations Women's Group Council in Hokkaido is proceeding with "tree planting activities to increase fish".
Let us cultivate abundant seas and forests in Hokkaido Let us protect an environment of safe and secure food
Tree planting activities to increase fish

Tree planting throughout Hokkaido

In order to protect abundant seas, tree planting activities are being handled mainly by the Women's Group. Currently, they are expanding into activities which involve the Hokkaido Federation of Fisheries Cooperative Associations and the local area as well.

Commemorative forest

As a symbol of the tree planting activities carried out by the Women's Group, in the Hokkaido citizens' forest in Tobetsu (a place name), there is a "commemorative forest". Every year, concerned parties carry out tree planting.

Nursing activities

The tree planting activities of the Women's Group are not just the planting of the trees. They also carry out nursing activities to protect the saplings and grow them into large trees. Cultivating an abundant forest requires such work as undergrowth cutting and branch sweeping. Simply planting trees and leaving them will not protect an abundant forest.